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Who are our Clients?

Insurance Carriers - Adjusters, Supervisors and Managers know the value of quality services delivered on time and being kept in the communication flow through to case closed.

SIGs - Self Insured Groups have members and management who are dependent upon the success of the group for their own return on investment. QME is called on when consistent Quality counts all around! 

Self Insured - Companies and organizations that have arrived at this level understand that their choices in out-sourcing IME’s and Medical Services are key components to their success so they choose the Best.

Government Agencies - Cities and Municipalities, State and Local government, Schools, Public Works, Transportation, Police and Fire Departments are QME clients who rely on us to help them through the process and meet state and local requirements

TPAs - Third Party Administrators are successful when they consistently deliver a suite of services to their clients. When those services include outsourced items QME delivers the seamless quality to put the TPA in the brightest light.

Law Firms - Attorneys have come to respect and value the top notch services QME delivers as a single source provider in a wide variety of specialties. QME’s Providers are always trustworthy from evaluation to depositions and court appearances.

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