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QME understands the unique requirements of our medical resources on Workers' Compensation claims.  Our opinions address full duty work capacity and light duty or modified work with restrictions.  We explore pre-existing conditions and second injury fund potential.  We use AMA criteria when commenting on permanent impairment or determining loss of function, and we read and specifically address all issues presented in your cover letter and medical records.

You can expect to find out if treatment to date has been reasonable and necessary, as well as whether or not additional treatment is needed to achieve a medical end result.  Our providers will comment on pre-existing conditions that may exist and whether or not they have any impact on the recovery period, or one’s ability to return to work.  Finally, any prolonged or permanent injuries will be commented on including scarring from injury or surgery, disfigurement, or loss of function in accordance with the most recent edition of the AMA Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. 

Our narrative reports and opinions become a work product or claims tool for our clients handling both lost time and medical only Workers’ Compensation claims.  Ultimately, you will receive an impartial opinion that is based on objective findings that allow us to create a fully defensible report that you can rely on to deny, properly reserve, and/or settle the claim.

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